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COVID-19 Elevator Safety Measures for You

We live in unpredictable times. Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have adapted to new ways of living and working. At NewLift, we are able to help retrofit existing elevators with new destination selection systems where passengers can select their floor destination via a non-contact touch pad at the lobby or when they pass through the turnstile, waving a building pass.

In addition, we are able to help you to upgrade your ventilation systems so that air can be re-circulated and exposed to ultraviolet light to destroy airborne viruses. Lastly, we provide services to our clients on how elevator buttons and handrails can be covered with antimicrobial coating to limit the risk of virus transmissions.

What We Can Do For You

Curtin University, Singapore Campus

Lift Solutions

HERMES AG is a brand of solutions wholly created and owned by NewLift Holdings. HERMES AG represents a combination of German technology and Singapore engineering.

In ancient Greek mythology, HERMES is the God of transportation. Similarly, HERMES AG aspires to provide everyone safe and comfortable mobility.

The logo of HERMES AG is built around a balanced semicircle, leveraging on the oriental emphasis of Yin and Yang. HERMES AG aims to reconcile the seemingly polar opposites of corporate and social forces and turn them into a force for change.

Our Success

The first HERMES AG elevator was installed at Curtin University, Singapore campus. To date, we have advised, designed and provided mobility solutions in Singapore and the region, in both residential and commercial settings.


The HERMES AG Feather Lite

Agility with strength.

The HERMES AG Feather Lite is made for low rise buildings where space is limited. Space is optimized to provide a superior ride quality.

Reliability and quality uncompromised.

The HERMES AG Feather Max
Potential completely maximized.

The HERMES AG Feather Max is made for a bigger load for mid to high rise buildings. Its powerful engine drives the elevator cabin faster and quieter.

Superior technics, Ultra Superior performance.

The HERMES AG Feather Force
Force when you need it.

The HERMES AG Feather Force is our heaviest load-bearing series meant for carrying cargo. Its superior engineering and agile delivery translates into safe and reliable industrial performance.

Heavy duty performance at all times.

The HERMES AG Motion Glider Series
A smooth transit from ground to ground.

The HERMES AG Motion Glider focuses on a superior ride quality through precise calibration of handrail and belt speeds. It is also designed for optimal speed at all times.

Swift, smooth, safe.

The HERMES AG Walk Man Series
Accelerated linear movement.

The HERMES AG Walk Man serves to speed up movement in places of high human traffic. With VVVF controls, precise speed calibration between the handrails and the belt ensures passengers a smooth and silent ride.

The HERMES AG Turbo Series
Bringing car parking to the next frontier.

Our Car Parking Systems are designed to hold up to 10 times the number of cars a conventional car park can hold.

Maximizing space, increasing mobility.

Residential / Special Solutions

Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Technologies

We have the latest state-of-the-art technologies such as 2-in-1 solution, pneumatic vacuum technology or compact traction with aircraft cables. People who use a walker, wheelchair, or just have trouble using the stairs can benefit from having a cost effective and energy efficient elevator / stairlift in their homes.


For residents who experienced mobility challenges, our FlexStep stairlift is designed to function both as staircase or wheelchair lift by converting common steps to a platform; in second.

Revolutionary Technologies
We have the latest state-of-the-art technologies such as vacuum technology or compact traction with aircraft cables. As the society ages, many elderly people and those with physical limitations chose to have elevators installed in their homes to maintain their mobility. People who use a walker, wheelchair, or just have trouble using the stairs can benefit from having a residential elevator.

HERMES AG ECO Through Floor
Powered by a quiet electric motor, our Through Floor lift is able to transport residents between floors within the comforts of their homes; using lesser power as compared to a hydraulic lift.

HERMES AG Feather Compact
If you require a larger lift that can accommodate more passengers, HERMES AG Feather Compact is the perfect answer! It is energy efficient, easy to operate and streamline to fit the architecture of your home or office building.

HERMES AG Stair Secure
With high quality and durable harnesses engineered with precision, our Stair Secure lift is designed to transport residents with mobility needs up and down staircases; safely.

Do you need to carry goods or cargo up and down short distances in your workplace? Our Rise Up lift is the perfect answer! Equipped with safety features and powered by energy efficient motor,

Turntable Solutions

We provide HERMES AG turntables to a wide range of industries, curating end to end solutions to support our global clients from the initial concept of a project through to completion and beyond. Our Vehicle Turntables aid in both safety and adding value to property. A range of product finishes can be added to our turntables to ensure compatibility with your surroundings. They are easy to use and custom installed to meet individual building requirements.

Inclined Elevator, Ropeway Crosslift

Enjoy boundary and effort free upward gliding.

Hillside developments and public facilities such as restaurants and observation decks are now made easily accessible to anyone thanks to our HERMES AG Inclined Elevators, Ropeways and Crosslifts.

Climbing stairs and lugging baggage up are no longer necessary.

Vuelift Round

Vuelift Octagonal





Lift Modernizations 

Smart | Efficient | Safe

We have ways to make the lift as good as NEW! We upgrade with the latest available technology, with updated safeties and features. For example, alternate fire homing, light curtains at the door, uncontrolled movement etc. We can also do an interior makeover – giving the lift new interiors, tailored to the tastes of the owner.

And, all of the above at economical costing and minimal down time. Our solutions are easy to install and configured, hence, whenever feasible, there is no need for unnecessary structural modifications.

Lift Channeling

On Demand | Safe | Efficient

As a passenger, we ensure that you are able to reach your destination in the shortest possible time. As a building owner or property manager, you can leverage on destination selection technologies to enhance your passenger handling capacity economically and most importantly, safely. Coupled with our state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions, we will also be able to provide pre-emptive servicing alerts when its required.

Lift Monitoring

Measure | Monitor | Effective

As a value-added service to our existing and new clients, we will provide 24/7, pre-emptive prognosis technologies to value add to our customers’ experience. Clients can be reassured as they can monitor their elevators and escalators from 1 platform.

Lift Monitoring is made possible with the fusion of expertise and experiences of the traditional business with the capabilities and opportunities of the future. It develops data-driven business models that increase safety through the utilization of digital technology in everyday life.

The above leads to Enhanced Asset Value of the Building.

Our Portfolio





Our Company

Headquartered in Singapore, NewLift provides mobility solutions. Since 2001, we have grown to become a noted player in the Singapore elevator industry. Today, we have extended our outreach to 11 countries around the world.

In 2007, we launched HERMES AG, our own brand of mobility solutions. With constant focus on R&D as our main thrust, HERMES AG is the first in Asia to utilize an Open Control Concept, truly a revolution for the industry.

Vision, Mission and Values

We bring mobility solutions to the public, irrespective of age and physical conditions.

We listen – because every client is unique and deserves full attention to their every need.

We constantly strive to be at the forefront of the vertical and mobility industry, bringing pragmatic, innovative and cost effective solutions from the privacy of your residence to the riding comfort of the public domain.

Our Growth Journey

2001 – NewLift Holdings was incorporated with the aim to establish an open control system and to open more options in the elevator market.

2005 – Our own brand of solutions, HERMES AG was launched. R&D efforts and IP registration commenced.

2007 – First HERMES AG lift installed at Curtin University Singapore Campus.

2009 – Awarded Lift Upgrading Contract for clusters of Community Clubs.

2010 – Commissioned passenger and cargo lifts at the world largest Renewable Energy Corporation. Renewable Energy Corporation, continuous.

2011 – Introduced the first pneumatic lifts into Singapore.

2012 – Introduced Flex Step Compact combined staircase and lifting platform.

2013 – Penetrated market for government institutions of learning all over the island.

2014 – Started presence in India, Indonesia and associate offices in 9 other countries.

2016 – Entered the condominium market.

2019 – Introduced Belt System Lift at BEX ASIA Exhibition, R&D for prognostic lift monitoring, Revolutionary approach to Lift Upgrading.

2020 – Commissioning of the Belt System lifts at Raffles Marina Launch of pilot Lift Monitoring.

Our Management Team

Headquartered in Singapore, the Senior Management bench embodies professionals with diverse financial, retail and mobility solutions backgrounds – lending a holistic wealth and depth of experiences to our organization.

Our Global Alliance Partners

We acknowledge the continuous support and collaboration of the following partners in MOVING THE FUTURE.

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After spending the last two decades establishing ourselves in Singapore and China, we are growing our presence in key markets such as ASEAN, China, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Our employees are inspired to be the best they can be, where our team is as diverse as the markets we serve.

We foster an open environment where creativity thrives, and provide you with the opportunities you need to keep developing. In order to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing workplace, we nurture our employees to have both technical and professional knowledge and skills that are relevant and current.

We foster an open environment where creativity thrives, and provide you with the opportunities you need to keep developing. In order to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing workplace, we nurture our employees to have both technical and professional knowledge and skills that are relevant and current.

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